6 Burgers to try this Month

6 Burgers to try this Month

It seems like burgers are quickly appearing on every menu, and it's getting competitive too. Who is combining the best meat, the perfect cheese, the freshest bun, the right toppings and sauce too. Burgers are indeed all the rage. Below is a list that ranges from simple to creative and a must-try.

Owen & Engine: This perfectly executed gastropub has an irresistible menu, if British fare is on your mind. It's wise to order some of the typical British eats like the fish and chips, but the burger is not to be overlooked. Served in between a homemade potato bun, the patty includes ground chuck, short rib and brisket and is topped with caramelized onions. It's quite large, so sharing is caring here. I'd get the welsh rarebit to start too, it's fantastic.

Au Cheval: The burger here lives up to the hype and has become so famous, some may say Au Cheval serves one of the best burgers in all the land. It's straight forward with four-ounce patties, freshly baked bun, Kraft American cheese, Dijonnaise and pickles. You can go above and beyond by adding bacon or an egg too. This burger is outstanding and well-worth the wait, you will be glad you did.

DMK Burger Bar: DMK offers a wide selection of burgers, with 9 to choose from. The patties are thin, the buns are fresh and the toppings get creative. My favorite is the number 8, but you can't go wrong, just follow your palette. The fries are a must - Wisconsin cheddar with scallions is messy and delicious.

Acadia: Located in the South Loop, this fancy establishment also offers a bar menu for patrons who want to dine elegantly with a laid-back menu. When sitting at the bar, the burger that comes with farmer's cheese, mushrooms and mayo, is not an option. The Michelin-starred chefs presents a burger that stands out from the rest.

Mott Street: Though an Asian fusion restaurant, Mott St. is home to a fantastic burger. There are but two ways to devour the burger at Mott - at the bar and during brunch. This sandwich arrives picture perfect, with double chuck patties, miso butter, freshly grated sweet potato shoe strings, perfectly melted American cheese, hoisin aioli, pickled jalapenos, and dill pickles. You can also choose to add a fried egg - totally worth it. [Pictured]

The Loyalist: Although Smyth gets most of the press and recognition for its fine dining and elegant menu, its neighbor downstairs is equally as good, just ditch the tie. The burger is impressive. The patti is a blend of short rib, chuck and ground bacon that is topped with American cheese, pickles, onions and onion-infused mayo. The patties are thin, which makes it easy to take a bite, and the flavors come together perfectly with every bite. If dining with a group, they will cut it into four pieces so there is equal sharing, no cheating here.

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