Royal Pies, now trending, at Pleasant House Pub in Pilsen

Royal Pies, now trending, at Pleasant House Pub in Pilsen

There are days when you crave a fun, cozy lunch, with delicious food, that isn't ordinary and definitely not pretentious nor overly trendy.

Or maybe, to put it in layman's terms, days when you are just looking for good food.

The former Nightwood space has come alive again, now with a bright white paint-job, whitewashed brick, and a large bar with plenty of beers on tap. From the outside, it looks almost as if you are in England. Yet it's Pilsen, and here is this quaint British pub, that's legit and so inviting from first glance, you simply must walk-in and order a pint.

The bakery, Pleasant House, moved and re-opened as Pleasant House Pub. Inside is a gorgeous pub with marble top tables, dark rum-stained bar with gold pumps and lace curtains, draped over the windows. The enclosed porch is filled with picnic-style tables and blankets to keep you warm. And on each table is a stein stuffed with sliverware and napkins.

I don't know if 'royal pies' have ever been considered sexy or trendy, but Pleasant House is doing a damn good job of making that a thing.

The pies are handmade and feature a flaky, buttery pastry. The steak and ale, filled with a rich beef stew, shallots and carrots, is amazing, too good to share. There is also a chicken balti with curry spices if that's more pleasing to your palate. And if you're in the mood for veggies, there is mushroom and kale pie with a white wine, parmesan cream sauce. You can, and should, make it a meal with the 'crown.' Your pie will arrive with gravy and mashed potatoes.

There is also a take-and-bake option, so you can bake the pies fresh, at home. Genius.

And Pleasant House doesn't just make pies. You can order entrees like the pub burger, topped with a fried egg and bacon, as well as a more traditional British fare, the bangers and mash (pork sausages, mashed potatoes and gravy.)

There's also tons of snacks to munch on like welsh rarebit, perfect peas, pickled eggs and chips, the British kind. And the pub offers daily specials too, like fish and chips, because, this is a British pub after all.

At Pleasant House, you seat yourself, so if you're picky about tables like me, you can be sure to find the one that suits you. The staff is very laid back and friendly. There are several draft beers and they change often, so pay attention. And, there is a late-night menu as well as a weekend brunch.

Pleasant House is a delight, British, a pub and a place to make your own. So visit Pilsen, pop into Pleasant House Pub, it will definitely bring that little extra something to your Saturday lunch outing.

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