Wood for Dinner

In honor of this year's Wimbledon, it seemed only fitting that I should indulge in my first Pimm's while dining at Wood last Friday, or should I say it's about time. My first encounter was promising, I'm certain it won't be my last.

Normally, my go-to beginning drink, as I sift through a menu, is a glass of Chardonnay. However, in reading about the adeptly crafted cocktails at Wood and being first greeted  by the the long rectangular-shaped bar, which took up nearly half of the restaurant, I knew I had to order a cocktail.


We each sipped on our Pimm's as we read the menu, debating whether to go the small plates route and share or selfishly each get our own main. The menu at Wood is playful and lets you dictate how you would like to pace your evening. To begin, Wood tempts you with but two options, a meat and cheese spread or a board with pork rillettes, pate and chicken liver mousse. The liver mousse is quite impressive once spread on toasted bread and is the perfect dish to nosh on upon arrival.


Small plates are perfect for sharing and are able to satisfy any type of mood such as buratta, garden salad, scallops, steak tartar and a specialty flatbread, which is currently country ham. Fancied by the pasta selections, we engaged with the carrot agnoletti, which features fresh-made pasta filled with carrot puree, topped with wild mushrooms, arugula, pistachios and purslane, sprinkled with parmesan cheese.


I must add that the wine list will suit you if you choose to forego cocktails and prefer wine as you enjoy your entrees. We ordered a delightful bottle of Malbec as we shared our small plates and were pleased with the price and taste.

If sharing is not your forte, there are several 'large plates' to choose from like lake superior walleye, sauteed duck breast, roasted chicken, braised short ribs and creamy polenta.

The atmosphere is very fitting, with dim lighting, low music and cozy tables. It's the perfect neighborhood spot to catch up with friends. Wood sets off both a hip and popular vibe, yet with its dim lighting and candles on each table, the conversation does not get too loud allowing you to hear your dinner partners.

The menu changes with each season, and Wood is open for dinner nightly, and brunch on Sundays, with a bar open until late night on the weekends.

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