It's Hot Dog Week: Pick Your Favorite Dog at Bull & Bear

It's Hot Dog Week: Pick Your Favorite Dog at Bull & Bear

Broaden your horizon. Step away from the ketchup, maybe the mustard and even the relish. This week hot dogs are being celebrated, and actually July is hot dog month, so I encourage you to get creative with your dogs.

Chicago is the perfect place to celebrate hot dog day/week/month as restaurants are finding many ways to celebrate one of our favorite eats: the Hot Dog.


Bull & Bear, located in River North on Wells, is celebrating its 5th annual Dog Days of Summer, devoting an entire week to hot dogs through July 27th. There are specialty hot dogs made for each day of the week, and this year they have gotten very creative. Not only are the toppings innovative but each dog is unique including a turkey dog, bison and venison and they each have their own specialty bun such as ciabatta, garlic and potato.

dog 4

I had the pleasure of celebrating "dog days of summer" this week at Bull & Bear and indulged in the Frank Plank, which allows you to try all five specials in mini dog form. For the 5th annual dog days, B&B is featuring five different dogs each encompassing traits of five different locations (California, Cincinnati, Miami, New Orleans & Wisconsin).

And, if you try all of the dogs, you can vote for your favorite and the winner will become a staple on the menu. These dogs are well-designed, each encompassing traits and specialties that are unique only to their city/state.


The two that stood out were the Cincinnati Cooney and the Northern Woods of Wisconsin. In the end, the Northern Woods was my favorite. This dog is a venison dog topped with fried jalapeno jack cheese curds, caramelized onions, and juniper-beer mustard.

dog 3

I'm not sure if it's because of my love for Wisconsin, my attraction to cheese curds or just that each of these toppings with a venison dog was truly exceptional.

For last year's dog days, the Greek Town dog stole my heart.

We also ordered truffle fries to accompany our Frank Plank which is a must - hot dogs must be accompanied by fries.

Stop in Bull & Bear and find your favorite dog!


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