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3 reasons to attend ECE events

As an Early Childhood Educator, I am required to complete 15 hours of training each year. Although I usually receive over 40 through my position as an Assistant Director, I attended the Wheels On The Bus Tour Saturday by GoAEYC. We toured three centers, The Bright Horizons at CDW, Primrose in Long Grove and the... Read more »

3 Components of a Great Professional Development Day

Tomorrow is our Professional Development Day where I work which I love being part of. Yes, Professional Development Day is about learning, but there are 2 other important pieces to make it memorable. I have been attending and now leading these days of trainings since 2001. Some have been okay; others have been boring, and... Read more »

How do parents decide where to take their child for Early Childcare?

I recently attended an Early Childhood Event, and it made me wonder “How do parents decide who will care for their children?” I worked as an infant teacher for 13 years for Bright Horizons, but I never asked the families how they heard about us. Did another family tell them? Did they see a post... Read more »

Let's Talk- Birth to Preschool

Early childhood is an important time in a child’s life, although for parents it can be complicated and full of questions. This blog is a forum to ask questions and to share thoughts on topics related to child development from birth through preschool. I am the proud mother of three adult daughters and live in... Read more »

Early Childhood is an important time in a child’s life

I loved being at home with my own children when they were little. I returned to the working world full time when they were 5, 7 and 9 for Bright Horizons Family Solution. Although I had worked in retail, restaurants, social work, sales and even in an Elementary School, I had no experience working in... Read more »