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3 reasons to attend ECE events

As an Early Childhood Educator, I am required to complete 15 hours of training each year. Although I usually receive over 40 through my position as an Assistant Director, I attended the Wheels On The Bus Tour Saturday by GoAEYC. We toured three centers, The Bright Horizons at CDW, Primrose in Long Grove and the... Read more »

The day in the life of a 14 month old

I was an infant teacher for thirteen years; my days were busy, but full of joy. The children learned about others, objects and the world around them through independent play as well as teacher directed play.  This little boy whose day I will tell you about moved up to a toddler room shortly after I... Read more »

3 Components of a Great Professional Development Day

Tomorrow is our Professional Development Day where I work which I love being part of. Yes, Professional Development Day is about learning, but there are 2 other important pieces to make it memorable. I have been attending and now leading these days of trainings since 2001. Some have been okay; others have been boring, and... Read more »

How do parents decide where to take their child for Early Childcare?

I recently attended an Early Childhood Event, and it made me wonder “How do parents decide who will care for their children?” I worked as an infant teacher for 13 years for Bright Horizons, but I never asked the families how they heard about us. Did another family tell them? Did they see a post... Read more »

Let's Talk- Birth to Preschool

Early childhood is an important time in a child’s life, although for parents it can be complicated and full of questions. This blog is a forum to ask questions and to share thoughts on topics related to child development from birth through preschool. I am the proud mother of three adult daughters and live in... Read more »

Early Childhood is an important time in a child’s life

I loved being at home with my own children when they were little. I returned to the working world full time when they were 5, 7 and 9 for Bright Horizons Family Solution. Although I had worked in retail, restaurants, social work, sales and even in an Elementary School, I had no experience working in... Read more »