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BookCon 2016

In the long stretch of time during which there was radio silence on this blog, I have managed to 1) Move to Chicago 2) Slip a disc moving, which took a solid month to recover from 3) Be in a destination wedding that took All My Money and 4) Attend my very first BookCon. Other... Read more »

Graduation, Nikki Giovanni, and the Denver Publishing Institute

Some of the biggest changes of my life have been happening recently, and they are so overwhelmingly positive that I’ve hit that point where you worry that it’s too good to be true, you know? Like the universe will realize its mistake and try to balance things out by snatching something away or setting some... Read more »

Back Room Shakespeare: Trashing the Notion of Shakespeare As 'Highbrow' One Play At A Time

Way back in January, I saw The Tempest performed by the Back Room Shakespeare Project on a cold and snowy evening in Chicago. On May 4th, I caught the last two and a half acts of Othello, performed at The Radler in Logan Square. I had every intention of catching the entire thing, but these... Read more »

Kazuo Ishiguro at the University of Chicago on March 25th

Are you as excited as I am? Are you? It’s not every day a Booker Prize winner finds his way to Chicago for a chat, but it’s happening on a seemingly innocuous Wednesday this month. Ishiguro, author of the Booker Prize winning novel The Remains of the Day, as well as works like Never Let... Read more »

Storms, Spirits, and Sorcerers: Shakespeare's The Tempest in Chicago Tonight

In the wilds of Shakespeare’s mind, an exiled sorcerer lives on an island with his young daughter. The sorcerer, Prospero, sees a ship drawing near the island: a ship containing the brother and king that betrayed him. He concocts a tempest that sinks the ship and strands everyone but the ship’s crew on the island... Read more »

Good Omens: The apocalypse is nigh

One of my favorite books is Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch. For those who have not heard of this glorious piece of fiction, Good Omens is a satire/parody of the apocalypse, where an angel and a demon decide that they like Earth a bit... Read more »