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Welcome. If you've managed to stumble upon this blog (intentional or not), I appreciate it. This first post serves as an introduction for what I hope and plan this blog to be and why I've decided to create this blog. I grew up in the heart of Illini country and graduated college a Hawkeye. But it wasn't until recently that I came to a realization: Chicago is the hub for Big Ten Alumni. The lines for fandom aren't as black and white as those on a map would lead you to believe. If one found itself in the Midwest, they'd be able to find a fanatic of any team (Scarlet Knights and Terrapins included).

I've undertaken this blog because the I feel the coverage of the conference is criminally underdeveloped in Chicago. This may not be the best coverage for the Big Ten, but it will be some of the most passion driven. At some point I will make overblown, maddening, and downright stupid statements about your favorite team. That's pretty much the point.

To start, I'll be taking you on a road trip through Big Ten country as I preview the 2016 Big Ten Football Season. As the blog develops, I hope to add basketball coverage as well as recruiting coverage. I hope you enjoy and I'll guarantee at the least I'll take the advice of Joe Maddon : I'll try not to suck.



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