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Review: CSO, Bates, Hubbard

I was lured to the Chicago Symphony Thursday to see Mason Bates’ “Music from Underground Spaces”.  The rest of the program was filled up–that is not to say “rounded out”–by pieces from the 1910s by Ravel and De Falla, making the program neither homogenous nor heterogenous.  The odd program was reflected in the audience; not... Read more »

Review: Fulcrum Point

From new music to a rap about the N-word, Fulcrum Point’s concert tied together various world cultures through their myths and legends.  In looking around at the audience Tuesday night, I recognized only a few familiar faces from the new music “scene” in Chicago, and pondering this, I realized that Fulcrum Point attracts a different... Read more »

Review: MusicNOW

The MusicNOW season is over; long live MusicNOW.  Last night’s concert also marked the end of the tenures of composers-in-residence Mark Anthony-Turnage and Osvaldo Golijov, which brought the requisite lamentation from CSO Assn president Deborah Rutter.  Most though, including the composers themselves, I think are ready for a change from this holding pattern–or maybe I’m... Read more »