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Sunday: New Music Dilemma

Wikipedia defines a dilemma as: “problem offering at least two solutions or possibilities, of which none are practically acceptable.”  [I foresee a day when Valedictorians cite Wikipedia instead of Websters.] The dilemma this Sunday (April 25) is: Palomar or MAVerick? The MAVerick Ensemble has presented concerts in Chicago for a number of years, primarily at the Ukrainian... Read more »

Review: eighth blackbird - "Slide"

Before going to eighth blackbird‘s concert Wednesday at the Harris, I had a vague idea what to expect.  Vague, as in, fuzzy, out of focus.  Before seeing it I called Steve Mackey’s piece a “genre-blending song-cycle”, which isn’t totally wrong, but not quite right.  The program notes helped to clarify the picture quite a bit but still... Read more »