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Golden Girl at Lyric - review

Stravinsky said that we should not learn to respect music but to love it.  So far, the current season at the Lyric Opera has induced more of the former in me: I’m glad I saw Verdi’s Macbeth but don’t need to see it again.  Their current production, The Girl of the Golden West, however, I... Read more »

Macbeth at Lyric: Blood, blood everywhere and not a drop to drink

photo by Robert Kusel
Lyric’s production of Verdi’s Macbeth was not a total tragedy, managing to combine a tragic plot, rousing choruses, and circus aerials into a production worthy of half the audience standingly ovating. For me, the performance induced cognitive dissonance.  Verdi’s opera, like Shakespeare’s play, takes place in Scotland, though you wouldn’t know it by the music,... Read more »

Figaro: A timeless romantic comedy

Over the weekend, I finally had a chance to see Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro at the Lyric. For the first time. Finally. Opera is a great way to experience Mozart: his simple forms and lyrical melodies help create a perfect balance between music and plot. But, his operas have become so standard that it’s almost... Read more »

Running with the Devil: Faust at Lyric

Whatever assumptions you have about opera, they will be challenged by Lyric’s production of The Damnation of Faust by Berlioz.  There are no fat ladies with braids like in Wagner; there are no gratuitous high notes like in Verdi.  There are few of the clich├ęs of opera, leaving only the story and music, which, in... Read more »