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MusicNOW: the dawning of a new era - Part III

photo by Evan Kuchar
[this is a continuation of my review of MusicNOW. Part I is here; Part II is here.] Bhairav After Anna Clyne’s work filled our every mental orifice, it was a welcome break to have Ana Lara’s Bhairav, a completely innocuous piece for string quartet that, much like Balter’s string trio, functioned very well as a... Read more »

MusicNOW: the dawning of a new era - Part I

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is an institution.  And it always makes me happy when institutions get it right.  Which they can only do when pressured by smaller, more nimble and agile organizations.  And so the work by ensembles like eighth blackbird, Fulcrum Point, and dal niente has finally had a positive effect on the CSO,... Read more »

video: Muti in Millennium Park

Rule #4b: More Video There is nothing viral about this video.  It’s way too long (~2 min), it’s not slapstick funny, and there are no cute animals doing human things.  But if you missed Muti’s debut or need to relive it again and again, I made this video with a crappy little Flip camera. Rule... Read more »

Weekend: CSO goes Beyond the Score

I’ve been to several Beyond the Score concerts, organized and performed by the Chicago Symphony to give people a sense of the history to a classic piece of music–an exegesis in concert form.  The program begins with a about an hour of history, biography, and musical examples, replete with narrators, actors, video, and orchestral examples.... Read more »

Review: MusicNOW

The MusicNOW season is over; long live MusicNOW.  Last night’s concert also marked the end of the tenures of composers-in-residence Mark Anthony-Turnage and Osvaldo Golijov, which brought the requisite lamentation from CSO Assn president Deborah Rutter.  Most though, including the composers themselves, I think are ready for a change from this holding pattern–or maybe I’m... Read more »

Monday: MusicNOW

Many concert-goers complain that contemporary music is too dissonant, too angular, too arhythmic.  MusicNOW, as the new music wing of the CSO, proves that there is more to new music than trenchant angst.  Their programs are generally a mix of contemporary writing styles including both serene minimalism, Jazz influenced and the avant garde.   Tonight... Read more »