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Sunday: New Music Dilemma

Wikipedia defines a dilemma as: “problem offering at least two solutions or possibilities, of which none are practically acceptable.”  [I foresee a day when Valedictorians cite Wikipedia instead of Websters.] The dilemma this Sunday (April 25) is: Palomar or MAVerick? The MAVerick Ensemble has presented concerts in Chicago for a number of years, primarily at the Ukrainian... Read more »

Review: CSO, Bates, Hubbard

I was lured to the Chicago Symphony Thursday to see Mason Bates’ “Music from Underground Spaces”.  The rest of the program was filled up–that is not to say “rounded out”–by pieces from the 1910s by Ravel and De Falla, making the program neither homogenous nor heterogenous.  The odd program was reflected in the audience; not... Read more »

Preview: CSO, Hubbard St, Mason Bates

The next composer in residence at the Chicago Symphony moonlights as a DJ.  We’ll get a preview of Mason Bates’ particular fusion of symphonic and electronic music this weekend as the CSO plays his “Music from Underground Spaces” alongside dance from Hubbard Street Dance company.  Kyle Gann describes Bates thusly: “”Eventually, someone was bound to... Read more »

Weekend: CSO goes Beyond the Score

I’ve been to several Beyond the Score concerts, organized and performed by the Chicago Symphony to give people a sense of the history to a classic piece of music–an exegesis in concert form.  The program begins with a about an hour of history, biography, and musical examples, replete with narrators, actors, video, and orchestral examples.... Read more »

Review: eighth blackbird - "Slide"

Before going to eighth blackbird‘s concert Wednesday at the Harris, I had a vague idea what to expect.  Vague, as in, fuzzy, out of focus.  Before seeing it I called Steve Mackey’s piece a “genre-blending song-cycle”, which isn’t totally wrong, but not quite right.  The program notes helped to clarify the picture quite a bit but still... Read more »

Review: Fulcrum Point

From new music to a rap about the N-word, Fulcrum Point’s concert tied together various world cultures through their myths and legends.  In looking around at the audience Tuesday night, I recognized only a few familiar faces from the new music “scene” in Chicago, and pondering this, I realized that Fulcrum Point attracts a different... Read more »

Tuesday: Fulcrum Point

On Tuesday, the Fulcrum Point new music ensemble lives up to its name, presenting a concert called “Heroes and Demons”, which explores the intersection of classical music and popular cultures from around the world.  From the Indian Classical tradition to urban and rural traditions of the Americas, the concert aims to draw connections between legends... Read more »

Saturday 3/13: Dargel & ICE at Velvet

I first heard of Corey Dargel a couple years ago because of a quirky, poppy, “art” song that he made about two gay cowboys.  He then wrote love songs for money–a sort of mercenary cupid cum composer.  Now, he’s somewhere closer to a singer-songwriter.  Trained at Oberlin, now living in Brooklyn, he started off somewhere... Read more »

Weekend Pick: Winterreise (3/5-3/21)

Chicago is blessed with a fair number of opera companies.  Who, for most of the Spring have been stepping outside of the strict definition of opera, turning it into something else.  Opera Cabal presented “usw”, skewing more performance art, and the Lyric had its Damnation of Faust, which was more oratorio.  Now Chicago Opera Vanguard... Read more »

Something Alchemical: Silent Film + Music

Coming up this week and next is one of my favorite concerts of the year: the Sound of Silent Film. Put on by Accessible Contemporary Music (ACM), the concert features contemporary silent films with live accompaniment. Each of the scores is by a local composer and is a world premiere. In years past, the films... Read more »