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A Dead Language

“Old soldiers don’t die, they just fade away.” Yesterday’s post still needs contextualization, as in my definitions of terms and my background.  When I say “Classical music is dead” (and irrelevant) I mean, in both cases, the language–the style of writing music most common from 1750 to 1900 that used harmonic motion to create drama through... Read more »

Ravel: So you think you can dance?

Most of Classical music grew out of dance music, specifically dance suites from the Renaissance and Baroque.  You don’t need to know the dances to dance along in your head; besides, most of the famous pieces from the Classical period (Mozart/Beethoven) are too far removed to be danceable.   More recent music is based on... Read more »

weekend music: Feb 27-28

There’s more to Classical music than the CSO and the Lyric.  Here are two concerts worth checking out. Saturday 2/27/10: dal niente dal niente is a Chicago-based ensemble that primarily focuses on the more contemporary side of Classical music.  This concert, however, showcases relatively old music, dating back to the early 20th century.  The bulk... Read more »

Poll: Classical Music Gateway Drugs

If I remember high school correctly, of my friends who smoked, some moved on to pot, and a few went further.  There’s usually a progression from the soft stuff to the hard stuff.  It’s the same way in Classical music.  Few people jump in at Wagner and get hooked for life; most fall in love... Read more »

Introduction: Short Ride in a Fast Machine

Classical music has quite the reputation in this country: people seem interested but put off at the same time, wanting to know more but not knowing where to start. The complexity and ambiguity make for both an obstacle and a reward; the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know. Like learning a... Read more »