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Sunday: Ken Vandermark's Resonance Festival at Cultural Center

The title says it all: Ken Vandermark’s international 10-piece orchestra playing his modular compositions with plenty of improvisation. I was sad to miss them at more “legitimate” Jazz venues like Elastic and the Hideout but will be sure to catch them at the Cultural Center–Sunday at 2pm. Info:

Pilots of the Existential variety

Does existence precede essence? Camus can do, but Sartre is smartre! None of this is relevant to the concert happening Saturday night by Ann Arbor-based new music ensemble Existential Pilot. Free (donations accepted). It’s all going down Saturday, March 5, 8pm at Deagan Music (1770 W Berteau, near Irving Park Brown Line). You can preview some... Read more »

Thurs: Sissy-Eared Mollycoddles

From their website: “Recently, the group has focused on music “in the gap” between Pop/Rock and Art Music.” At some point, the trend of combining Classical idioms with pop songs is going to be so pervasive, that it will cease to be a trend and earn a label unto itself.  For the fusions on the... Read more »

Sunday: New Music Dilemma

Wikipedia defines a dilemma as: “problem offering at least two solutions or possibilities, of which none are practically acceptable.”  [I foresee a day when Valedictorians cite Wikipedia instead of Websters.] The dilemma this Sunday (April 25) is: Palomar or MAVerick? The MAVerick Ensemble has presented concerts in Chicago for a number of years, primarily at the Ukrainian... Read more »

Monday: MusicNOW

Many concert-goers complain that contemporary music is too dissonant, too angular, too arhythmic.  MusicNOW, as the new music wing of the CSO, proves that there is more to new music than trenchant angst.  Their programs are generally a mix of contemporary writing styles including both serene minimalism, Jazz influenced and the avant garde.   Tonight... Read more »

Saturday 3/13: Dargel & ICE at Velvet

I first heard of Corey Dargel a couple years ago because of a quirky, poppy, “art” song that he made about two gay cowboys.  He then wrote love songs for money–a sort of mercenary cupid cum composer.  Now, he’s somewhere closer to a singer-songwriter.  Trained at Oberlin, now living in Brooklyn, he started off somewhere... Read more »

Weekend Pick: Winterreise (3/5-3/21)

Chicago is blessed with a fair number of opera companies.  Who, for most of the Spring have been stepping outside of the strict definition of opera, turning it into something else.  Opera Cabal presented “usw”, skewing more performance art, and the Lyric had its Damnation of Faust, which was more oratorio.  Now Chicago Opera Vanguard... Read more »