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rvw: Fulcrum Point - Motown Metal

photo by David Cortes
Bold, brassy, and suave, something alchemical emerged Wednesday night as Fulcrum Point opened it’s season at the Harris.  Dubbed “Motown Metal”, the concert turned the Harris into one big blast furnace, turning disparate pieces of metal into some sort of high-grade steel. The concert began with Michael Daugherty’s Motown Metal–the title track.  Yesterday, in my... Read more »

Review: Fulcrum Point

From new music to a rap about the N-word, Fulcrum Point’s concert tied together various world cultures through their myths and legends.  In looking around at the audience Tuesday night, I recognized only a few familiar faces from the new music “scene” in Chicago, and pondering this, I realized that Fulcrum Point attracts a different... Read more »

Tuesday: Fulcrum Point

On Tuesday, the Fulcrum Point new music ensemble lives up to its name, presenting a concert called “Heroes and Demons”, which explores the intersection of classical music and popular cultures from around the world.  From the Indian Classical tradition to urban and rural traditions of the Americas, the concert aims to draw connections between legends... Read more »