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Rvw: Trippin' on Down with dal niente

Hundreds of people packed the Mayne Stage on Thursday to witness ensemble dal niente the Chicago Premiere of Fausto Romitelli’s “Professor Bad Trip”, a 3-movement imagination of a bad acid trip. People were turned on, tuned in, and only dropped out after an extended standing “O” with hoots and hollers from the balcony, many staying... Read more »

Upcoming: dal niente Thursday, Opera Cabal Friday

THURSDAY: 7:30 1328 W Morse From abstract pointillism to acid trips, there’s something for everyone at dal niente’s season opening concert, Thursday at the Mayne Stage. Donatoni’s About Gesualdo, select madrigals, arranged Romitelli, Professor Bad Trip The last one is: “a startling, vibrant, and violent musical account of experimentation with hallucinogenic drugs.” I believe the drugs... Read more »

dal niente review: the exciting conclusion

[This is Part III; here is Part I and Part II] Nearly a week after the concert, I have some lasting impressions about the other pieces:At 2.5 hours (including intermission), the concert was just a bit much.  Listening to new music (anything unfamiliar) taxes mental muscles like speaking in a foreign language.  After 5 difficult... Read more »

review: dal niente - part II

[Part I is here.] It’s easier to harshly criticize than to mete out praise–especially when tired.  Muhly’s piece was the only one that made me angry; now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I can be more delicate.  It helps to have slept a couple nights. The stand-out winner from the evening was... Read more »

review: dal niente - part I

dal niente is back in town and better than ever.  The ensemble was invited to Darmstadt this summer where they won the Stipiendienpreise, which roughly translates to “most badass ensemble prize”. Wednesday night, they were at the Mayne Stage, giving me my second opportunity to scope out the venue in as many weeks.  I approve.  Having seen... Read more »