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First Impression: He/She at COT

Chicago Opera Theater closes its season this weekend with 2 song cycles: Schumann’s Frauenlibe und Leben and Janacek’s The Diary of One Who Disappeared. Not opera, per se, each work contained drama, brought to the fore by a series of projections – almost cinematic – that provided much needed translations and helped set the mood.... Read more »

Sat: TEDx and the future of the Arts, then He/She

TEDx Michigan Ave: All day Saturday, I’ll be at Symphony Center for a discussion of the future of the Arts and Arts Organizations. There are still tickets available on goldstar. Unclear if there will be any available at the door. The conference features speakers from all over the American arts community, including Chicago’s Seth Boustead... Read more »

Coming Up @ COT: Medea

Starting Saturday, running for a week, Medea (Médée) at Chicago Opera Theater. Fuzzy on the story? Check out this synopsis:   Here’s a behind the scenes look at a rehearsal. Is that the 9th floor of the Fine Arts Building? Medea runs April 23, 27, 29, May 1. More info. Poll: Should I review it?

Death and the Powers - {Part 3}

I saw it again. Wednesday night, sitting two rows in front of the composer, I got to see Death and the Powers for a second time and, again, thoroughly enjoyed it. For me, it’s the perfect synthesis of form and content: an imaginative yet perfectly plausible story told in such a way that the production... Read more »

COT: Death and the Powers - {Part 2}

I admit it; I’m obsessed. Last night, I went to the “behind-the-technology” lecture with composer Tod Machover about his opera Death and the Powers. Though I had seen the opera and read about the technology behind it, it was fascinating seeing it in action. If there is a flaw in Death, it’s that it’s too... Read more »

COT FTW: No Dearth of Power - {Part 1}

It’s been 2 days since I saw Tod Machover’s Death and the Powers at Chicago Opera Theater, and I’m still thinking about it, even thoroughly reading the production notes from the supersized production team. Opera has a tradition of engaging artists from various disciplines, but Death goes over the top, bringing in engineers, roboticists, video... Read more »

Mixed Reviews: Three Decembers at COT

There are only four performances of Chicago Opera Theater‘s season-closing production, and you’ve already missed one.  The opera, Jake Heggie’s “Three Decembers”, has elicited an intense reaction among critics, receiving high praise from the theater crowd and disdain from the Classical music crowd. ChicagoNOW’s theater blog “The Fourth Walsh” calls it a “triple triumph” and... Read more »