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Review: Avalon Quartet at Merit 2/10/11

Celebrating their 16th year together, the Avalon String Quartet played a concert of Viennese music at the Merit School of Music. The concert began with Webern’s Langsamer Satz (1905), one of his Late-Romantic, pre-atonal pieces. The Avalon graciously unfurled the concupiscent quartet, moving with one mind through the push and pull of passion. The 9-minute... Read more »

video: Avalon reaction

The Avalon Quartet played at the MSM last week, and I finally edited together this little video.  Feel free to enjoy it. I thought Greg’s comments were apt: it’s a different experience going to the symphony than a string quartet.  For me, it highlights what makes live music special in an age of automated performers... Read more »

review: Avalon quartet

Nobody likes to be walked in on; nobody likes to walk in on somebody.  Ok, there are a few for both, but for me, it felt awkward to walk in on someone Thursday night.  Nothing bathroom or carnal about it, I walked in on someone having an experience even better than sex: the Avalon Quartet.... Read more »