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ACM: Sound of Silent Film.

This year was the 5th annual Sound of Silent Film Festival put on by Access Contemporary Music (ACM). I can distinctly remember two other festivals – last year I had to wait for a break in the rain to ride home – so I must have been to more than half of the festivals. The... Read more »

Sights and Sounds: Silent Films + New Music

It’s the time of year for the Sound of Silent Film, the annual screening of contemporary silent films with new music put on by ACM (formerly Accessible Contemporary Music, now Access Contemporary Music). As it turns out, people have been making silent films even since the advent of talkies. Some on the program this year... Read more »

Something Alchemical: Silent Film + Music

Coming up this week and next is one of my favorite concerts of the year: the Sound of Silent Film. Put on by Accessible Contemporary Music (ACM), the concert features contemporary silent films with live accompaniment. Each of the scores is by a local composer and is a world premiere. In years past, the films... Read more »