Upcoming: dal niente Thursday, Opera Cabal Friday

THURSDAY: 7:30 1328 W Morse

From abstract pointillism to acid trips, there's something for everyone at dal niente's season opening concert, Thursday at the Mayne Stage.

  • Donatoni's About
  • Gesualdo, select madrigals, arranged
  • Romitelli, Professor Bad Trip

The last one is: "a startling, vibrant, and violent musical account of experimentation with hallucinogenic drugs." I believe the drugs are BYO.

more info / RSVP

FRIDAY, SATURDAY: 8:00, near northside

Opera Cabal has persistently pushed through (or ignored) the boundaries that define opera, making for unique performances that defy easy description. As such, it's often hard to know what to expect.

In this case, however, they have leaked parts of the process as hints to the product. Or is the process the product?

They dub it "The Opera Shop", a collaboration between artists from outside the operatic tradition, an experiment in the combination of arts.

Read this, go here, and then RSVP. I'll be there on Friday.

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