Infinite Possibility

Art used to be subservient to the morals of society, whether they be dictated by the gods, a church, an autocrat, or just generally accepted.

Everything broke wide open after World War II; now it is even opener.

It's almost cliché, but now that we can do anything what do we do?

Without a strong authority to rebel against, artists are free to make their own style; this may explain the current trend of combining, recombining, and remixing. We are motivated positively by our tastes, not negatively in rebellion against some higher authority.

But limits are the godfathers of creativity. Surely some of the best art has come in reaction to some of the strictest laws.

Our art is governed more by taste than by truth, according, at least, to Rothko.

Still, there must be limits, though they are pushing further and further into the beyond, less and less palpable.

And yet, surely we all know: this is just a phase.

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