Hipster Composers: Part II

Thank you to everyone for making last week's Hipster Composers post so popular. I'm still not entirely able to define the criteria much better, but that won't stop me from trying. It seems like the "hipster" composers are more concerned with style - [ "style is the absence of imagination" ] - while the nerd composers are more taken by the internal logic of music. 

And in the dialectical process, I think I've discovered a third, more elusive category of composer: the individualist.
This last category was created primarily for Beethoven, who no one seemed to be able to figure out. Nor could anyone define Wagner, though one commenter posited labeling him a "douche."
Also, I would like to suggest that people react differently to hipster composers or nerd composers. People seem to either love or hate the hipsters, while the nerds' music we can all appreciate.
Which makes Stravinsky's quotation seem appropriate: "The trouble with music appreciation in general is that people are taught to have too much respect for music they should be taught to love it instead."
[Even within Stravinsky's musical output, I either love or hate all of his music.]
So we've gone from a dialectic of composers to a trilectic. I didn't even know that was possible. [No one tell Adorno; it'd blow his f*cking mind.]
Who am I leaving out?

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