Ecstatic Marathon Countdown - #4 - Kate Moore

About midway through my experience at the 7-hour Ecstatic Music Marathon, Lisa Moore and Ashley Bathgate, both of the Bang on a Can All Stars, took the stage to play Lisa Moore's Velvet. [Moore and Moore are no relation.] After several high quality but greatly varied performances, my mind's ear felt broken wide open, ready to listen naively. [...and judge accordingly!] Velvet, I knew I wanted to hear again.

Moore is not officially affiliated with Bang on a Can but went to the BOAC summer festival and has studied with Andriessen in Holland, on of the Can's favorite composers. [Or should we call them Bangers?] Although this piece betrays the BOAC influence, it is not limited by it and almost seems to represent the next phase of this style. If John Adams is the Romantic phase of minimalism, Velvet is part of the Romantic phase of post-minimalism. That is, it uses elements of that style but arranges them so as to unfold a dramatic arc; it is not about the style but simply uses it--means to an end.
Kate Moore: Velvet -- played by Twosense (Ashley Bathgate and Lisa Moore)
There's something about insistent dissonant half-steps that makes me smile--while others cringe. So if this piece sounds full of tension--un/resolved--it is.
Listening to it on the recording, the repeated notes on the piano seem to be one dynamic level too loud, making the tone too bright and less acceptable for repetition. If they make a recording of it, I would love to hear a lot of production, almost over-production: add some reverb, add some processing, some synths adding to the bass register.

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