nyc: ecstatic music festival opening marathon - part 1

I'm a quick 14-hour drive* east of Chicago to see some of the Ecstatic Music Festival, a 14-concert exploration of an contemporary music in its most expanded and inclusive form.  Today was the 7-hour marathon concert, which lived up to my lofty expectations, gave me a lot to hear and, subsequently, a lot to talk about.

If you want an off-the-cuff version, check out my tweets.  If you want the full-frontal, shoot-from-the-hip version, you'll have to wait till I get some sleep.  The marathon was diverse enough to make 7 hours seem like nothing.  Physically, I might have been ready for the end, but mentally I could have gone another couple hours.  

[My ears really were just about full--which is impressive; I have unusually deep ears.  I could hardly tolerate the adult contemporary background music while eating some uninspired NY-style pizza on 14th near 7th ave (not recommended for its pizza either).]

* - No, I did not drive.  

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