musicNOW: tonight at Harris

Tonight, only tonight, the CSO presents MusicNOW, the contemporary music series.  Not only did I get press releases from the CSO about this concert but also the Chicago Tribe of the Burning Man community--ill measures.  It turns out DJ Striz will be DJing the after-concert reception, at which you can mingle (introduce yourself to the com/posers, musicians, me...) and drink Goose Island beer. The concert will feature Mason Bates' Digital Loom, which combines electronics and pipe organ--which go together like peanut butter and rice.  [Don't make fun, in my head, they actually do.]

And a piece by Anna Clyne which "uses prerecorded tape and metallic percussion with flute and clarinet to explore levels of anxiety."  [Which is what I thought all contemporary music does.]
And will feature Mexican composers (in honor of México 2010) Ana Lara and Enrico Chapela.  Lara's website is subtle and beautiful like I hope her music is--though the site quickly becomes cumbersome and Flashy.  Chapela's piece takes Mexican poetry and fuses the words with the music.
This is gonna be sick; all the cool kids will be there.  Seriously, I really hope the ravers show up in full costume.
[I have checked and rechecked; the concert starts at 7pm!]

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