Turnage: Every great composer is a thief

Remember when Turnage was "ours"?

I saw a video the other day that "mashed-up" a new piece by Marc-Anthony and that song by Beyoncé: "All the Single Ladies."  But it didn't drive home the point nearly as well as this one, which is pretty skewering.

Now for the ethics.  Do I care that he ripped off Beyonçée?  After all, a good composer merely borrows, a great one steals.  But this is a particularly blatant piece of thieving if you ask me.  It's a pretty blatant plea for attention, an attempt to draw in the pop music fans.  So I would call this first-rate hackery, not a meaningful reference to pop culture...like, er, Daugherty.
So I would care if I had any respect for Turnage, for this would cause me to lose it.  But seeing as I've never thought much of him (except as a gifted/creative orchestrator), then I guess no harm done.
Thanks to both Alex Ross and The Rambler for this one.

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