Pick: Avalon Quartet Thurs in Chicago

The Avalon Quartet is coming to town!  Thursday!  Playing at the the Anne and Howard Gottlieb Hall of the Joy Faith Knapp Music
Center at Merit School of Music!
That may be a lot of premature exclamation, but I'm going to find out tomorrow and will let you know. 
They will be playing:
  • Puccini I Crisantemi
  • Britten Three Divertimenti
  • Verdi String Quartet in e minor
  • Mozart String Quintet in C Major
Yep, I said Quintet.  They will be joined by the legendary Roger Chase who teaches at Roosevelt.  He's apparently the bomb; all my string friends get a little twitterpated when they talk about him.  He's apparently soloed with the Berlin Phil.
Now here's the Puccini played by someone else:
It's been a while since I've been to HGH of the JFKMC of the MSM.  It's not my favorite place to see concerts, but it could be worse.  Just a little drab.
I'm excited to check them out tomorrow and even more excited for their future programs, which include Berg and Reich.
According to Dr. Paul Brauer, the Director of the School of Music at NIU:
"This season offers an impressive range of works as well as a roster of extremely talented guest artists including Roger Chase and Julia Bentley."
And if that doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will.  Try reading it in a British accent; that worked for me.

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