end hiatus

we've been on summer hiatus and hope we've been missed.

the fun and sun are over now and it's time to gear up for a plethora of Quality concerts on the horizon.
but first, some beyondwords business to discuss.

for its first year BW has solely been the endeavor of Chicago-based composer/professor/biketourguide evan kuchar--aka me.  but there's so much to do! so many big bucks to make!  so i'll be joined by a musicologist/writer/youthsymphonyoverseer kathryn bacasmot.  her own blog is highly informative and entertaining; highly recommended.  [full disclosure, we don't make any money.  in it for the love.  and also for the lust.]
as we reënter the quickly moving stream, before things get too out of hand, it's a golden opportunity to rethink HOW to proceed as well as WHY.  i've been reading a lot of blogs recently, thinking about what i enjoy and what i don't, learning from others successes--but mostly the failures.  i've found that on the continuum between journalistic and literary writing, most music criticism blogs veer towards the former.  and the more artful flourishes end up sounding like my adolescent overuse of the thesaurus.  (although you CAN use "ejaculate" to mean "exclaim", it's apparently not that common.)
in my own reviewing, i've been stifled by Correctness, which is the #1 enemy to creativity and will produce nothing but clear, standard writing--boring.  which brings up the new BW rules:
RULE #1 - Don't Be Boring
all reviews start to sound the same.  sameness is boring.
...but, lest that get out of hand, let's reign it in with:
RULE #2 - Be Truthful
and while i'm promulgating, let's add:
RULE #3 - Be Concise
which obviously doesn't apply to this post but to all future posts.
this being said, here are some blogs that are totally worth reading regardless of subject matter:
music: eighthblackbird's blog
and some specific posts that i've enjoyed recently:
music: Nico sometimes rambles, but i especially liked this post.
music: Alex Ross as dj, mashing up stravinsky, lachenmann, xenakis etc.
music: definitely take Marc Geelhoed's suggestions.
in coming posts, we'll do our own little preview of what concerts we'll be covering, and which we will not.

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