acm: archi-textural

The Chicago skyline is world famous for its height, breadth, modernity, and its political awareness.  What composer hasn't sat in Millennium Park's Great Lawn, watching a concert at the Pritzker Pavillion (named after the now defunct Jay Pritzker not the attempted murderer) and thought: "I would like to write a piece about each of these buildings; then they would have to play it here." [Turnage did nearly that with Chicago Remains.]

And so, it is with great sadness that I report that Chicago's own Accessible Contemporary Music (from now and for always referred to as ACM) beat the rest of us to the punch--well, except Turnage.  This Saturday they will present Buildings and Moods, a concert of pieces based on 6 of Chicago's jewels of architecture: oldies like Monadnock, Cultural Center, Marquette Building, tall ones like Aon, and the newly completed Aqua (the tallest building architected by a woman).
If ACM isn't yet a household name, it's probably because they haven't done a piece about your house--yet.  You may also recognize some other of their concerts/events.  Sound of Silent Film is an annual favorite that commissions local composers to write the score for new silent films.  
They have been known for years in the composition world for doing weekly readings of new scores by composers of every level from around the world.  It's good to see them getting off the internet, out of the concert halls and into the streets.  What's more accessible than that?

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