Something Alchemical: Silent Film + Music

Coming up this week and next is one of my favorite concerts of the year: the Sound of Silent Film. Put on by Accessible Contemporary Music (ACM), the concert features contemporary silent films with live accompaniment. Each of the scores is by a local composer and is a world premiere. In years past, the films have been various combinations of: comic, tragic, nostalgic, animated, quirky, and so on. Some use text on the screen for dialogue, just like they used to in days before talkies; some use no text and communicate with image and sound alone. All are hand selected by ACM from a large field of entries, ensuring a good mix of styles and the utmost quality, including many that have won international awards.

March 10 and 17 at the Chopin Theater (1543 W Division).  $15 door, $10 online, $5 students (March 10 only).
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