Saturday 3/13: Dargel & ICE at Velvet

I first heard of Corey Dargel a couple years ago because of a quirky, poppy, "art" song that he made about two gay cowboys.  He then wrote love songs for money--a sort of mercenary cupid cum composer.  Now, he's somewhere closer to a singer-songwriter.  Trained at Oberlin, now living in Brooklyn, he started off somewhere in the land of Classical, then venturing out, and now much closer to Sufjan Stevens or Animal Collective than Nico Muhly.  Maybe the closest parallel is to the Magnetic Fields.  It's a wonder that he's not mentioned on Pitchfork.

This Saturday, 3/13, he will be at the Velvet Lounge singing "Thirteen Near-Death Experiences", a new song cycle, with the once-Chicago-based ICE ensemble (now mostly in Brooklyn but also Chicago and L.A.).  The cycle is organized around what life must be like as a hypochondriac.  That is, every time a hypochondriac feels an ache, it's surely the beginning of the end.


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