weekend music: Feb 27-28

There's more to Classical music than the CSO and the Lyric.  Here are two concerts worth checking out.

Saturday 2/27/10: dal niente
dal niente is a Chicago-based ensemble that primarily focuses on the more contemporary side of Classical music.  This concert, however, showcases relatively old music, dating back to the early 20th century.  The bulk of the concert consists of Mahler's "Das Lied von der Erde" in a chamber arrangement by Schoenberg.  Mahler's work comes out of one of the most exciting and terrifying periods in history, witnessing revolutions both political and musical leading up to World War I.  His music is both the apotheosis of Romantic expressivity and its cataclysm.  Stravinsky, 10 years later, wrote the first version of his Concertino, which shows how musicians dealt with the death of Romanticism and the aftermath of WWI.  In a more neo-classical vein, the work is a rejection of music's expressive capabilities.  His music becomes, then, simply the unfolding of patterns, their layering, juxtaposition, and structure.
dal niente, $15 ($5 for students) 7:30 pm Gottlieb Hall, 38 S Peoria, Chicago, IL *
Sunday 2/28/10: Anaphora - FREE
Anaphora is another Chicago ensemble that includes both contemporary and older musical styles in its repertoire.  This concert, aimed at a more middlebrow audience, combines European and American classics--from Mendelssohn to Gershwin and Piazzolla.
Anaphora, Free. Chicago Cultural Center (Michigan and Randolph) 3pm *
Here's a Piazzolla tango to whet your appetite.

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