Poll: Classical Music Gateway Drugs

If I remember high school correctly, of my friends who smoked, some moved on to pot, and a few went further.  There's usually a progression from the soft stuff to the hard stuff.  It's the same way in Classical music.  Few people jump in at Wagner and get hooked for life; most fall in love with a piece by Beethoven and move out from there.  But everyone has their own way in.  For me, it was a combination of Beethoven and Stravinsky in high school, John Adams coming later.

Yesterday, I posted "Short Ride in a Fast Machine" by Adams as a quick and friendly way to introduce new audiences to Classical music.
Today, another blogger posited Holst as the perfect drug for newbies.  
I've been making a list, based on my experience teaching music appreciation, that I'll reveal over the months to come.  But first, I'd like to hear your opinions on the matter.
Which piece or pieces are the best introduction to Classical music? Or, which piece was it that got you hooked?

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