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Thanksgiving trivia: 12 fun facts for your family feast

<strong>When was the first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade held?</strong>
1924. It's always been in New York City and the very first one featured animals from the Central Park Zoo and Macy's employees. <a href="" target="_blank">Click here</a> for video of that first parade and the history of the parade.
Thanksgiving trivia can serve a variety of purposes. It can give kids a history and context for our traditions, or it’s just a way to keep your weird relatives from talking about gory medical procedures, starting a nasty fight about politics or discussing slights that occurred decades ago that are sure to make the blood... Read more »

Easy pumpkin pie recipe is simple, delicious and prize-winning

Easy pumpkin pie recipe is simple, delicious and prize-winning
“The only thing sweeter than victory is victory a la mode.” That’s the tag line of Chicago’s South Side Pie Challenge and let me tell you, it is the truth. My tween and I were elated when our pumpkin pie earned a ribbon at this year’s pie challenge. We had never entered a pie contest... Read more »

Celebrate National Game and Puzzle Week this Thanksgiving with these favorites

National Game and Puzzle Week falling on the week of Thanksgiving is no accident. What better time to gather with friends and family to have some fun and share laughs over a game than after you’ve finished off the pumpkin pie? If everyone is looking to you with the “now what?” face, you can be... Read more »

Reviewing Thanksgiving table manners with your kids

You may have worked for years to impart the importance of manners to your children, but why is that when they show up at your relatives’ homes they turn into impolite little monsters who act as if they have been raised in a barn and not under your roof? Tweens are also in the “old... Read more »