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Pornography is everywhere: Parents must educate their curious tweens

I remember crazy stuff on the bus to junior high, and that my mother finally couldn’t take hearing about the antics and ended up driving my brother and I to school. And with the advent of smart phones, middle school bus antics have gotten worse. Today I’m very pleased to welcome back today’s guest poster,... Read more »

Reviewing Thanksgiving table manners with your kids

You may have worked for years to impart the importance of manners to your children, but why is that when they show up at your relatives’ homes they turn into impolite little monsters who act as if they have been raised in a barn and not under your roof? Tweens are also in the “old... Read more »

Talking to tweens about 9/11

Talking to tweens about 9/11
This morning was sunny, crisp and beautiful, and it felt very much like the morning of September 11, 2001. My tween and I were late for school, but on our way out the door, I stopped to put out our American flag.  My tween was surprised, because being on time is really important to me. ... Read more »