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Lessons kids and parents can learn from the Manti Te'o hoax

Lessons kids and parents can learn from the Manti Te'o hoax
Manti Te’o gained fame this fall for both his amazing tackles on the football field as a linebacker for Notre Dame, and as an individual after it was reported that he was playing through great grief after his grandmother and girlfriend died within hours of each other. Yesterday, a Deadspin.com article broke the story that... Read more »

Out of the mouths of tweens

When my daughter was little, I was entertained by all her hilarious one-liners, and the fun that results from kids mangling the tricky English language as they learn it. My mom and I were recently talking about the ways my daughter has contributed to the family vocabulary over the years, including when at age four... Read more »

My kid hates Notre Dame, my alma mater, and is rooting for Michigan

I get that adolescence is a time of children separating from parents, and that tweens shift from wanting to be like their parents’ to seeking ways to differ themselves. Parental approval takes a nose dive down the priority list. Tweens do this in various ways, from music to clothing to hair styles, and apparently, to... Read more »