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Justice Sotomayor says princess is not a career choice, Disney Channel ad says it is a state of mind

My tween is done with the princess phase, but when she was in it, man was she IN IT. And truth be told, while she’d never admit it, I think she still has a soft spot for princesses. But a princess debate rages, this time pitting Disney against the Supreme Court. Supreme Court Justice Sonia... Read more »

Justice stores rely on tween nagging and sensory overload to boost sales

The clothing store Justice caters to tween girls and their appetite for trendy clothing.  The store targets kids ages 7-14 and fear not, they’re launching a new line of boys clothing, known as Brothers.  (For those from way back, anyone remember Limited Too?  It morphed into Justice.) Tween moms seem very split on the store. ... Read more »