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National Trivia Day: Trivia games for both kids and parents

National Trivia Day: Trivia games for both kids and parents
National Trivia Day is January 4! Did you know that the world record for longest running game of trivia is 17 months? You don’t have to play that long, but my tween is a big fan of trivia. Here are some online resources for fun, kid-friendly trivia. Some of these sites your tween can play... Read more »

Christmas tradition that grows as kids do: the scavenger hunt

Christmas Eve traditions vary by family. Some get matching pajamas, some eat special meals, and some attend candlelight Mass or services. In my family, our favorite Christmas Eve tradition is a little unusual: we go on a scavenger hunt. Get 10 printable scavenger hunt clues here. From when we were very little, my parents would... Read more »

Cheap and fun tween gift ideas for under $15

Overlook the spelling of the game, because tweens love it.  Suggested by a Tween Us reader, it is a big hit with all genders and a pretty wide age span. Find it on at Target for $14.09 (Amazon has it for $18.)
Tweens are notoriously hard to buy gifts for, and the items on their wish lists can be pricey.  Gone are the days of the cheap Candy Land game and playing with the cardboard box.  Sniff, sniff. But that doesn’t mean it is time to turn into Scrooge. You can still bring smiles and laughter by... Read more »

Celebrate National Game and Puzzle Week this Thanksgiving with these favorites

National Game and Puzzle Week falling on the week of Thanksgiving is no accident. What better time to gather with friends and family to have some fun and share laughs over a game than after you’ve finished off the pumpkin pie? If everyone is looking to you with the “now what?” face, you can be... Read more »