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Girls fight for right to play football

The NFL play offs are in full swing, and as the pro teams battle to get to the Super Bowl, tween girls waging their own fight to get on the gridiron. Nine year-old Sam Gordon is featured on the Wheaties box and appeared on Sports Center yesterday. Girls are rejecting the notion that tackle football... Read more »

Out of the mouths of tweens

When my daughter was little, I was entertained by all her hilarious one-liners, and the fun that results from kids mangling the tricky English language as they learn it. My mom and I were recently talking about the ways my daughter has contributed to the family vocabulary over the years, including when at age four... Read more »

My kid hates Notre Dame, my alma mater, and is rooting for Michigan

I get that adolescence is a time of children separating from parents, and that tweens shift from wanting to be like their parents’ to seeking ways to differ themselves. Parental approval takes a nose dive down the priority list. Tweens do this in various ways, from music to clothing to hair styles, and apparently, to... Read more »