Posts about Online Safety

Information for parents about apps popular with teens and tweens:

* Kik
* More alarming information about Kik that parents need to know
* Snapchat
* After School
* Whisper
* Tinder
* Voxer
* Yik Yak
* Omegle
* Vine
* Tumblr

Online safety information:

* What your teen needs to understand to be a smart social media user & consumer
A letter to my 13-year-old daughter about being safe and kind online
New study highlights important talks about tech you should have with your kids
* Using the headlines to talk to teens about predators on Instagram
Interview with online safety expert Denise Lisi DeRosa
Teens and tech: Thoughts on how to manage it and help them understand it
* Study finds surprising number of teens take breaks from social media
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* Top 20 slang words and acronyms posted in the ASKfm app by teens
10 interesting stats about teens, technology and social media usage
Printable parent-child phone contract
Why I won't let my kid lie to get around the age requirement for social media
* Cyberbullying is awful, that doesn’t mean schools should demand social media passwords
* Talking to kids about sexting and advice on how to do so
* Snapchat settles charges by FTC, but that doesn't change much
* Teaching kids about hoaxes online
* Try this low-tech tool to help keep your kids safe online
* Nearly one quarter of seventh graders are sexting - what parents can do about it
* Keep your private parts private: If you wouldn't share it with your family, don't share it online
* Tweens spending more time online and engaging in riskier behavior than parents realize