Some favorite recent pieces on parenting adolescents

Some favorite recent pieces on parenting adolescents

Here's a roundup of some of my favorite recent pieces on parenting adolescents. Hope you enjoy them! Please feel free to share links to pieces you've liked in the comments. You can never have too many good pieces to read, right?

How Can Teenagers Know Everything And Nothing? by Annabel Monaghan in Grown & Flown (It's like they've been in my head and heard me ask that often)

"Teenagers fool us with their size, vocabulary, and swift mastery of new devices. They seem to be about the right shape to fit into the adult world. They drive cars. They know algebra. So it’s always momentarily shocking to find out that they don’t know how to address an envelope or operate a can opener."

When Teenagers Drink, Avoiding the Risks From Driving by Perri Klass in The New York Times

"Parents — and pediatricians — need to negotiate those complex double messages of don’t do this and stay safe even if you do. Adults need to model responsible, law-abiding behavior. And around all that, cities and states need policies and protections that cumulatively make the world safer for everyone, especially those who are growing up and learning to navigate."

7 secrets to raising awesome, functional teenagers by Christie Halvorson on Upworthy (this one isn't new but worth revisiting)

"Love everything about them, even the annoying stuff. Love them for their actions AND their intentions. Let them know in word and deed how much you adore them. Daily.  Love their wrinkled shirts and Axe-body-spray-covered selves. Love their bad handwriting and pimpled cheeks. Love their scattered brains and long limbs. All these seemingly insignificant details are an amazing, magical process at work. It's like being witness to the miracle of a diamond mid-formation. All this imperfection is going to one day yield a responsible, serious adult. A loving husband and father. Or a wonderful wife and mother. It's a privilege to be witness to such glorious growth."

Yankees and Cardinals managers talk about developing your young athlete by Jennifer Wallace and Lisa Heffernan in Washington Post On Parenting

"If kids are always looking to their parents for approval, they’re not competing and they’re not having fun — they’re working on pleasing their parents instead. I don’t want my kids to please me. I want them to please themselves. Sitting in the stands and after the game, my job as a parent is to let my kids know that I believe in them no matter how they perform." - Joe Girardi

Summer Activities for 12 Year Olds: 6 Ways to Spend Time Together by Jane Parent in Your Teen for Parents

(And I've already told my daughter she's responsible for family dinner at least one night each week this summer, more if she's up for it!)

"He or she isn’t old enough yet for a retail job or for scooping ice cream, but that doesn’t mean they can’t find ways to earn money on their own and have some age-appropriate responsibility away from home. My sons mowed lawns, picked up mail and walked dogs for neighbors while they were on vacation. They caddied at a local country club. My daughter babysat for neighborhood families and volunteered at a nature center as a camp counselor when she was in seventh grade, which was enough responsibility to feel like a real job, but with actual adults in charge."

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