Allow me to introduce myself and my blog

Allow me to introduce myself and my blog

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Between Us Parents, a cozy corner of the internet for those raising tweens and teens. This blog has grown quite a bit recently and I'm very grateful for that. I realized, though, that I haven't properly introduced myself or this blog to some people who may be new. So, please allow me to do so now. 

I started the Between Us Parents blog (originally called Tween Us) because adolescents are complicated. Really complicated. What else would you expect from human beings doing the second greatest amount of growth in their lifetime and whose brains are not yet fully formed?

That said, they're also amazing. They are smart and funny and interesting. While all kids can be any of those things on any given day, tweens and teens take it to a higher level. 

It feels like everything with an adolescent is magnified, for them because of hormones and lack of life experience, for us because we live with them.

I started this blog because I want to better understand this age group. I'm a recovering attorney, and I love research. Facts are my friends. I have fun finding them, and I felt like it could be fun to share them, too. Turns out I was right.

Sharing those facts has led to finding people who also share the same hopes, fears, laughs and exasperations that come with parenting kids the same age. 

Connecting with other parents of adolescents is trickier, for a variety of reasons. Connection with other parents can be so helpful when dealing with this age, but it's often elusive. 

One reason for that is because we want to protect our kids' privacy. Privacy is rightfully hugely important to tweens and teen, and something we as parents want them to value in this age of sharing everything on social media.

As a result, I try to keep this blog about my experience as a parent and not about sharing the specifics of my child's story. I figure other people are likely dealing with the same broader issues, and I focus on those. That means that the details of what's happening in my kid's life aren't as significant.

Speaking of my teen, she's 14-year-old and in high school. I was a single mom for  a few years andhave been married for a few years to her  wonderful bonus dad (our family's term for step-parent). 

I come to this blog from the perspective of a fellow parent. I'm not an expert. I've been told I need to claim my position as an expert, and while I'm flattered, I don't feel right doing that for a few reasons. 

First, you are the expert on your child. You know him/her better than anyone else on this planet. Don't ever discount that. Follow your gut, listen to your heart. 

Second, I'm pretty sure certain that there isn't one and only one right way to raise your children. What works for one family does not always work for another, and the same is true of kids in the same family. Brené Brown says there are a million ways to be a good parent, and it's one of my very favorite statements because it is so very true.

I write this blog not as an expert from on high, but as someone in the trenches. 

My position in that trench gives me a unique viewpoint, and that's informed by what I've read, the people with whom I've spoken, feedback I've received, etc. Your position in the trench may give you a different perspective, and that's not only okay, that can be hugely helpful. 

The blog covers a wide range of topics, from the latest social media craze to educational issues to holiday gifts. If there's anything you can't find or you'd like to see more of, feel free to comment below.

I'm a big believer that parenting is easier when it is less lonely, so if you know of others in the trenches who may appreciate this space, please feel free to share this with them. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading. I'm glad you're here!



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