The most popular posts on Between Us Parents in 2016

The most popular posts on Between Us Parents in 2016

I know that some people are more than happy to see 2016 go, and others are feeling a little more charitable toward this year, but one thing seems true for pretty much everyone - this past trip around the sun was certainly not boring.

It hasn't been boring around the Between Us Parents blog, either.  Here are the top 10 most read posts on Between Us Parents on ChicagoNow in 2016.

10. Good advice for parents of high school freshmen

I went to my arsenal of favorite parenting gurus for helpful advice, both for myself and others with kids entering high school.

9. What parents need to know about, the popular app

Who knew lip syncing could be so very fun? Apparently, creators of this app did and tapped into a whole wealth of adolescent creativity.

8. Letter to my daughter on her first day of high school

This was a post that was nearest and dearest to my heart this year, so I'm thrilled that it resonated with readers, too.

7. 8 fun subscription boxes for teens and tweens

Adolescents can be tough to buy for, but subscription boxes make that challenge a lot easier. These boxes work for any occasion - birthday, graduation, or just because they deserve some fun mail every now and then.

6. More alarming information about Kik that parents need to know

Kik, an anonymous app, can be a problematic app and the headlines this year illustrated that it has appeal for predators. While parents can't know about every single app out there, and it's best to have conversations with your kids about general guidelines around app usage (such as not using ones based on anonymity), it also helps to be aware of those that are especially bad news. Kik falls into that category.

5.  What Prince and Misty Copeland taught me about my middle schooler

We lost so many greats in 2016, including Prince. How my daughter reacted to the news of his passing provided me a different perspective.

4.  Top 20 slang words and acronyms posted in the ASKfm app by teens

Do you know what IDEK, dime and Frog emoji + coffee cup emoji mean?

3. What parents need to know about Pokémon Go

This game was the craze of the summer and it was a ton of fun, but not always safe.

2. Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues, 2016 Edition

The fourth installment of Christmas scavenger hunt clues was a success, which delights me to no end.

1. Why all kids should see Anthony Rizzo apologize to MLB umpire

You may have heard that the Cubs won the World Series! It was fantastically exciting in the city and for fans who had waited 108 years for the big event.

Even better was that the team was made up of a great group of guys who provided many teachable moments for parents, the highlight of which was Anthony Rizzo apologizing to an umpire. I don't think that we should put sports heroes on pedestals. They're human, and bound to make mistakes. But seeing how one handle a mistakes provided some valuable lessons for fans of all ages.

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