What I'm grateful for this Election Day

What I'm grateful for this Election Day

Happy Election Day, America!  It's finally here, after what feels like the longest campaign season in history.

While I know many people are approaching this day with apprehension, I'm opting for gratitude. Here's what I'm grateful for this Election Day.

I am grateful to live in a democracy.

The suffragettes who fought so hard to give all women the right to vote, a right we have had less than a century, were remarkable and I owe them a debt of gratitude.

While there has been a lot of drama in recent months surrounding the election, there have been many opportunities to share my values with my teen. Hearing her thoughts and watching how she has formed her opinions has been gratifying. It is both mind blowing and exciting that she'll be voting in the next presidential election.

I am deeply grateful for our Founding Fathers, and for their belief in the separation of powers. I have newfound appreciation for checks and balances. I remind myself that there are three branches of government and while of course this election will impact all of them, the President is head of only the executive branch.

Federal races have gotten most of the attention, but I'm grateful for all three levels of government and the chance to elect officials to each.

Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton serves as a reminder that our nation has been through difficult elections and political turmoil before and the republic has endured. I am grateful for the persective that show has given me.

I am also grateful that my post on Anthony Rizzo's apology has garnered so much attention because that success is due to people appreciating an example of two individuals doing the right thing and being kind and wanting to share that with others. It was about a pro athlete owning his actions and not making excuses, trying to right a wrong and just being civil. I'm hopeful that the desire to share something like that bodes well for us and our future.

While I worry about dissension based on the outcome of this election, I am hopeful that we can come together, that we recognize that we have in common and that we can find ways to compromise and strengthen our nation.

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