Question to ask your kid: When was the last time you felt special?

Question to ask your kid: When was the last time you felt special?

"When was the last time someone made you feel special?"

I was asked that question today and thought it was fascinating.

I am ridiculously fortunate enough to be made to feel special often.

I recently celebrated a big birthday and was touched by the many kind wishes I received from friends and family near and far. Every single one made me feel special.

This morning, I had been trying to find a poem for my daughter and when flipping through one of the books I had out was one Gwendolyn Brooks signed for me in college. She was the first African American poet to win the Pulitzer Prize but what I remember about the time I met her was that she had a way of making each person to whom she was speaking feel special by giving them her full, undivided attention. Seeing her note and signature made me realize how special it was to get to meet her.

This evening, my husband made me feel special in a few different ways, including actually telling me that I was special.

In thinking about what has recently made me feel special, I was reminded that small actions can have a big impact.

Just thinking about the times I've felt special was a mood booster, and I was thinking that it's a fantastic question to ask tweens and teens. It is a great conversation starter and their answers may surprise you and/or give you insight into their world.

Ask them how good it made them feel. Consider talking about what they can do to make others feel special so that those good, positive feelings are shared and spread. Talk about what you can do together as a family to make others feel special.

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