Round up of posts on parenting teens and tweens

Round up of posts on parenting teens and tweens

Think you are alone dealing with the challenges of parenting a teen? It can feel that way, but you're not.

These recent pieces from around the web address some of the many tricky parts of parenting teens and offer either some helpful advice or referrals to helpful resources.

Teaching Teenagers to Cope With Social Stress by Jan Hoffman on The New York Times

Navigating the social real of high school is tough, but researchers are finding ways to help kids deal with it effectively. (Hint: Helping them understand that people change, including them, and that it may not be hard forever can be a big help.)

"Almost four million American teenagers have just started their freshman year of high school. Can they learn better ways to deal with all that stress and insecurity?

New research suggests they can. Though academic and social pressurescontinue to pile on in high school, teenagers can be taught effective coping skills to skirt the pitfalls of anxiety and depression."

How to Survive and Thrive During the Teen Years by Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

Laughs with some advice? Yes, please.

"No time to gripe about the rough landing here on Planet Teen, focus now on what’s coming before you get blindsided by the natives. We’ve been here about 25 minutes longer than you have, but due to the constant turnover that is Planet Teen, we’re qualified to share some of what we have learned here. We can provide newbies with some guidance, veterans with some commiseration, and decorated war heroes of multiple tours with high fives and the massive amounts of chocolate they deserve. "

The Words She Keeps by Whitney Fleming on Reality Moms

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only parent who wonders what will stick in the tween and teen brain forever. This is a powerful piece, and I appreciated the positive mantras at the end. How great would it be if those stuck in not only our kids' heads, but also our own?

"So, I wonder, when my daughter looks in the mirror, will she hear my voice saying she is beautiful on the inside and out, or will she choose to purge her last meal? When a young girl ostracizes her on social media, will her father’s words ring in her ears, reminding her of her strength, or will she choose to cut her skin to deal with the pain? When a boy pressures her to move forward too quickly, will she remember her worth or succumb to peer pressure?

What words will she choose to keep?"

Sex guide for teen boys picks up where parents leave off by Heidi Stephens in the Chicago Tribune

Check out this review of "Dating and Sex: A Guide for the 21st Century Teen Boy," a new book by Andrew Smiler, Ph.D., aimed at boys ages 13 to 16:

"[Smiler] knows how to speak their language, which is a tall order. Parents have very little from their own teen years to draw on as they try to steer their own teenagers in wise, healthy directions. We didn't even text, let alone sext. Online dating didn't exist. Snapchat didn't exist. Emojis didn't exist. The rules, to the extent that we knew them, have all changed."

Peer Problems: When Someone is Mean to Your Teen by Your Teen for Parents

It's tough when someone is mean to your child, at any age, but teen friendships can be tricky. I loved this advice:

"Compassion works better than specific ideas about how to fix the situation. Kids often prefer a good ear instead of a great suggestion."

What pieces online about parenting teens and tweens have caught your eye recently?

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