Help for parenting tweens and teens in the summer

Help for parenting tweens and teens in the summer

Summer is upon us and many of us have kids out of school. With older kids, the matters of childcare aren't as pressing, but summer still poses a different set of challenges and parents have concerns that come with a switch in the routine.

Here are some posts that offer some helpful advice for parenting tweens and teens in the summer.

Teens can have a fun summer and still remain safe by Becky Mather on My Parenthetical

Several suggestions on keeping teens and tweens engaged and productive.

"Chores have many healthy benefits. They teach responsibility. They demonstrate the importance of contributing to the household. They save you effort. And not unimportantly, they take up time! Expect that your teen might complain about your reasonable expectations of labor and think of the complaining as a positive. All the energy he or she spends grousing about you is effort not being expended getting into mischief!"

I Hate When My Teen is Still Sleeping at Noon from Your Teen for Parents

A sleep expert offers tips for managing teens' summer sleep schedules.

"Adjust the time your teenager heads to bed, but not by more than 90 minutes to two hours. “You’re saying, ‘I recognize it’s summer and you can take it easy and stay up a little later and get up a little later,’” says [Sasha Carr, Ph.D.]. “But if your teenager gets used to sleeping a lot later and getting up a lot later, he or she will be so miserable in the fall.” Also, if your teenager has to be up early, then take that into account when deciding when it’s lights out."

100 Fun Things for Teens to Do in the Summer by Denise Witmer on

This has literally dozens of suggestions for entertaining activities.

"If you're tired of hearing, 'I'm bored,' from your teen, you're not alone. Summer fun can quickly turn to boredom if your teen isn't trying to stay active. Print out this list and hand it to your teen. The first time she says she's bored, tell her to do something from the list."

10 Books For Your Tween’s (and Teen’s) Summer Reading by Ellen Williams and Erin Dymowski on 10 to 20 Parenting

Love that this underscores that summer reading is important and fun at any age.

"It’s that time of year. If you are not already actively Pinteresting fun stuff to do with your kids this summer, you are gonna be one tired Momma by the end of that first week of vacation. We’re completely serious: kids show no mercy to the weak and underprepared. So shore up the craft supplies, summer camp brochures,  and snacks, then check out these great books for your tween (or teen). Our book club friends all shared these selections at our last meeting, so they all come stamped with our special Sisterhood Seal of Approval. These books should win you back at least an hour a day."

What Kids Need for a Mentally Healthy Summer by Tanya J. Peterson on Tweenhood

Transitioning out of the classroom routine and into summer can be challenging for kids, and a therapist provides tips to help care for your child's mental health during the warmer months.

"Like belonging and a sense of purpose, fun is actually essential to mental health and well-being. Experiencing fun reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, and it increases our connection to others. For kids who are out of school, away from their normal routine, network of supportive adults, and peers, summer vacation can become a drag. Kids can become listless and apathetic or irritable and prone to getting into trouble. Introduce fun for a mentally healthy summer."

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