Top 10 favorite blog posts of 2015

Top 10 favorite blog posts of 2015

On this last day of 2015, I'm having fun looking back on the past year. I've written more than 130 blog posts for Between Us Parents here this year, and while they can't all be gems, I'm opting to focus on the positive.

Here are my ten of my favorite blog posts from 2015:

* Interview with Dr. Michele Borba on parenting tweens

Dr. Michele Borba is my favorite parenting expert, and getting to speak with her this summer was one of the biggest thrills I've had in four years of blogging. I love the wisdom she shared and the empathetic, encouraging, and enthusiastic way she relates to parents.

* Why I won't let my kid lie to get around the age requirement for social media

Your kid may insist otherwise, but you are definitely not alone if you are sticking the requirements of social media sites that comes from the COPPA (the federal law called the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) requiring users be 13 years old. I strongly believe that letting a kid's first social media action be lying about their age sets a dangerous precedent.

* Parents: Know your mandate

"Knowing what your mandate is, and what your ultimate goals are, make it easier to stay the course. Not easy, but easier." (Hint: Being my child's friend is not part of my mandate.)

* A letter to the parents of my daughter's friends

"Middle school is tricky, and middle school friendships especially so, which has me thanking my lucky stars that your daughter is a friend of my daughter. I am so heartened to know that she has such lovely young women surrounding her and teaching her about friendship."

* Thoughts I had in the first 24 hours my kid had an Instagram account

Social media can be a bit of a roller coaster. I should've know the first day would be a bit rocky, but it took me by surprise.

* 5 quotes by Chicago Cubs Manager Joe Maddon that also apply to parenting

Good advice often applies across a variety of disciplines, and I'm often intrigued by how parenting is a lot like coaching. It was exciting to watch the Cubs this season and manager Joe Maddon offered solid advice. (I also love his appreciation of a good brunch.)

* Can your tweens and teens accept a compliment?

Accepting a compliment isn't easy, but it is important. This story about my daughter's experience illustrates how failing to do so can have unintended negative consequences.

* Just how much sleep do tweens and teens need? And why?

Sleep is hugely important, particularly for our growing and developing kids, but it feels like it needs a better PR firm because it doesn't get the respect and reverence it deserves. I'd love to see parents and communities prioritize sleep for our kids.

* Fantastic video on consent that all teens and their parents should watch

This video is one of my favorite items that I've shared all years. It's so good, and makes an important point about sexual consent with humor and logic.

* Trying to raise a confident daughter when I don't feel confident about much myself

This wasn't the best headline, as I struggled to condense my thoughts on how I don't feel like I excel in anyone area, and how that impacts my parenting.

"I struggle with how to teach my kid to embrace her successes even when I'm not feeling my own.

Right now, for me, that that means being proud of what I do, even if it's not as fabulous as I wish it was.

It means acknowledging that we are all works in process, that there is always room for improvement, and that striving is important.

It's about emphasizing that the journey matters more than the end result."

That seems like a good note on which to end 2015. Thank you very, very much for reading and being a part of the Between Us Parents community. I'm most grateful, and excited for the coming year!

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