Roundup of helpful and humorous tween and teen parenting posts

Roundup of helpful and humorous tween and teen parenting posts

Here are some tween and teen parenting posts from around the Internet that caught my eye today and that I wanted to share with you. These offer help for raising healthy kids and some much needed humor.


Disallowing Your Tween to Sit in the Front Seat Isn't About Privilege, It's About Their Bone Structure by Alessia Santoro on PopSugar

"While all tweens want to sit in the front seat, this isn't just another rule for them to follow 'because you said so.' It's an actual medical recommendation that no child under the age of 13 sit in the front because the strongest bones in their bodies — the hip bone and breast bone — are still not fully developed."

10 Questions About EdTech to Ask Your Kid's Teacher by Caroline Knorr on Common Sense Media

"Edtech holds a lot of promise for engaging students, tailoring lessons, and reaching more kids than a single teacher can. But overuse of educational technology can lead to rote learning. A balanced curriculum will incorporate variety, including moving and learning through hands-on, real-world activity. If kids are spending a large part of their school day with media and tech, consider limiting it at home to maintain overall balance."

3 Ways to Reach Your Kids: Giving them the tools to avoid risky behavior by Shannan Younger on Ask, Listen, Learn.

So sorry for the shameless plug, but I'm honored to be on the Ask. Listen. Learn. blog sharing some of their many resources that help parents with just when to talk to kids about alcohol, what to say, and why it's important.  I'm talking about what to do when your child checks out.

"I look at my child, and my heart sinks. She has 'the look.' The look that is close to a vacant stare. The one indicating that, while the child’s body is right in front of me, the mind is somewhere else, in a galaxy far, far away. It is possible that the kid is thinking about Minecraft, contemplating their latest crush, or just dreaming about a snack."


14 Signs You Have A Tween by Mia Geiger on Club Mid

"You suddenly don’t know anything. Before, you seemed to be the keeper of the world’s secrets. Now, your kids make sure to do the opposite of whatever you suggest. You can try to outsmart them by saying the opposite of what you want them to do; in theory, this should work perfectly in your favor. But we’re talking tweens here, so save your mental gymnastics for when you’ll really need them—like when you try to help them with their algebra homework."

Introducing My Kids to Music from the 1980s by Rachel Pieh Jones on Brain Child

"In many ways parenting is about launching children into the big, wide world to experience fascinating and wonderful new things. We don’t want them to copy us in our teenage fashion trends or hairstyles or our 80s and 90s eating habits. We want them to surpass us and move beyond us.

Except when it comes to music."

10 Hand Signals All Moms Know by Gina Sampaio on In the Powder Room

"And arms outstretched towards a child while repeatedly opening and closing both hands means: 'You’re not nearly as cute as you were when you were a baby, and you sass-talk me entirely too much, but I still want snuggles. Come humor your mother with a hug.'"

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